Aziz Ansari – Dangerously Delicious

Aziz Ansari released his newest 1-hour comedy special exclusively online for the price of $5.  I’ve made it pretty clear in the past that I think Aziz might be the funniest dude on the planet.  His stand up is among the best out there.  So of course, I downloaded Dangerously Delicious for the low low price of $5 and watched it immediately.  There are absolutely no commercials and no censorship even when he talks about his favorite racial slurs or says “fuck” every other sentence.  It’s like a great Comedy Central special without any of the bullshit.

Aziz talks about everything from ass holes who take pictures during his show despite being repeatedly advised not to, which starts the special off with a great bit that had me laughing my ass off.  He talks about everything from his chubby cousin Harris’ college application (which he reads aloud), to his problems meeting women, to a very conversation with 50 Cent regarding grapefruit soda.

Check out the preview below which includes a couple of minutes of the special itself, and as hilarious as the preview is, there’s even better material on the 60 minute special.

Drop the 5 bucks if you’ve got it, it’s well worth it.  Here’s the link to Aziz’s site where you can either download the special or stream it directly,

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