Dark Horse Releases New Star Wars Comic Set After ‘A New Hope’

Dark Horse released a new Star Wars comic this month which is a little different than the numerous titles they’ve released over the years.  The series takes place two months following the events of The Battle of Yavin after the Rebel Alliance scored a major victory by destroying the Empire’s Death Star.  The series is written by Brian Wood with art by Carlos D’Anda.  With the sheer volume of Dark Horse comics in the realm of Star Wars it can get a little overwhelming.  Where do you start?  You’ve got Knights of the Old Republic, The Clone Wars, Agent of the Empire, Dark Times, all ongoing series that can be a little overwhelming even for a seasoned Star Wars vet.  That’s where the new Star Wars series comes in.

For even casual fans of the Galaxy Far, Far Away the new Star Wars series by Dark Horse can be appealing.  It takes out all the extraneous “Expanded Universe” that Dark Horse and the people behind the Star Wars novels have been building for the past 30 years and brings it back to the basics.  The series centers around Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2.  You don’t need to have any knowledge of Darth Bane or the Yuuzhan Vong or any of that to be able to appreciate this new series.  In fact, while reading the first issue I began to forget about all that other stuff and remember how amazing the Original Trilogy was.

The series focuses on things that would have happened in the background of the movies and expounds upon them.  How does the Rebel Alliance stay afloat?  How do Luke and Leia deal with losing so many friends and family members close to them, with Leia losing her home planet.  How did Emperor Palpatine react to Darth Vader’s failure at the Battle of Yavin that allowed the Rebellion to blow up the Death Star?  Yes, one of the best moments reading through the first issue is an exchange between Palpatine and Vader reflecting on Vader’s poor handling of the Rebellion which caused the Empire to lose trillions of credits and decades worth of work.

We’ve only gotten one issue so far but this series looks to be a winner.  If you’re interested in following some of your favorite characters through new adventures that weave themselves into the Star Wars stories you already know, check out this new series by Dark Horse.

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