You Need Spotify


Plain and simple, if you don’t have Spotify then you should probably stop reading this and go download it now.  If you follow us you know we’re into music, and a wide-ranging assortment at that.  You’ve seen me mentioning Odd Future any chance I’ve gotten, you’ve read D-Brown’s glowing reviews about the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album.  We love music, all kinds of music.  That’s why we love Spotify.

For those that don’t know Spotify is a program that allows you to stream over 15 million tracks instantly to your computer or smart phone (the Spotify app for your iPhone or other inferior smart phone does cost money but it’s well worth it).  Not only does Spotify give you the ability to stream music, but it takes it up several notches by allowing you to create your own playlists, and then share those playlists with your friends via e-Mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

Spotify is the perfect app to share music with your friends, and to discover music that you’ve never heard yourself.  While the app version of Spotify is bad ass itself, the Windows/Mac version offers even more functionality.  Using your computer you can look up various tracks, albums, or artists.  If you search for an artist you’ll see their whole catalog along with their top rated songs as rated by their popularity on Spotify.  It also suggests similar artists, so if you’re looking for new music you’re just a few clicks away.

One of the coolest features that Spotify boasts which almost solely justifies laying down the cash for the Spotify app and the monthly fee is the ability to listen to your playlists even when you don’t have an internet connection.  That’s right, once you sync up your phone with your computer you have the ability to listen to your playlists offline.  No wi-fi necessary.

Today, Spotify opened itself up to iOS app developers to make Spotify even more accessible to iPhone users.  This will allow developers to integrate Spotify directly into their apps so that users don’t have to switch back and forth between apps to change their music.  This opens up a ton of possibilities and ensures that the functionality of Spotify will just get better and better.

Bottom line, Spotify is fucking awesome, and if you still don’t have it then you’re failing.  Stay tuned for our Spotify playlists, feel free to share yours with the Slang Strong staff.  We’re always looking for good music.