Whiny Ass Holes Demand Fine for Flacco Expletive

The Parents Television Council is in an absolute frenzy after Baltimore Ravens QB and Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco used an expletive on live television just moments after the Ravens defeated the 49ers.  Ravens teammate Marshal Yanda said, “Holy shit, huh?”  A smiling Flacco responded, “Fuckin’ awesome!”

I remember laughing as I heard him say it live.  What the fuck do you expect???  The guy just experienced the greatest moment of his entire life!  The culmination of an entire career that started when he was a kid playing pee wee football in New Jersey.  This is the moment he’s been waiting for, dreaming about it since he grew up watching his idol Joe Montana.  Do you expect him at that moment when he’s more excited than he’s ever been to stop and make sure he doesn’t offend The Parents Television Council?  Are you fucking kidding me?

“The FCC must step up to its legal obligation to enforce the law, or families will continue to be blindsided,”  Tim Winter president of the PTC said.

Blindsided?  Are you fucking serious?  You’re watching the SUPER BOWL which is a LIVE sporting event.  Do you honestly believe there isn’t the possibility of hearing this type of language?  Not gratuitously of course but in a moment such as this?  And what exactly were you blindsided by?  A word?  Is there a single child in this country that hasn’t heard the word “fuck”?  I can understand how a parent would want to avoid using that word around their children but is it really that big a deal if they hear it?  What terrible tragedy is going to occur because some kid had to hear the word “fuck”?

The great thing about this country is everyone has the right to their own opinion and that opinion matters and is valid even if you are a member of the minority.  If you can’t handle words like “fuck”, and you’re devastated by your children hearing such words that’s fine, you’re entitled to feel that way and raise your kids however you choose.  But don’t watch the fucking SUPER BOWL and cry bloody murder when you hear someone say “fuck” on TV.  If you’re that sensitive, then stick to the programming that you know will not possibly have this type of language.  It’s YOUR job as a responsible parent to see that there might just be a pretty high likelihood that you’re gonna hear at least a “shit” during the Super Bowl.

“Nine years after the infamous Janet Jackson incident, the broadcast networks continue to have ‘malfunctions’ during the most watched television event of the year, and enough is enough,” Winter said.

It wasn’t a malfunction.  It was an NFL quarterback sharing a very real emotional moment after experiencing a moment he probably won’t ever be able to top as long as he lives.  The fact that someone wants to demonize that and turn it into a terrible thing sickens me.  I could go on and on about the terrible organization that The Parents Television Council is, their only goal is to dictate what we as grown adults should be allowed to watch.  There’s not a parent on this planet that doesn’t know what is and what isn’t appropriate for their children to watch without these whiny ass holes taking notes on episodes of Glee and bitching about how inappropriate it is.

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  • james

    this could also be titled “Whiny blogger whining about more whining”