Top 10 Nu Metal Songs

TOP 10: High Energy Nu Metal Songs

Love Hard Rock? Love Nu Metal? Then you’re gonna love my list of the Top Nu Metal Songs that fucking rock!

To prepare for this list I engaged in a LOT of headbanging and boiled it down to 10 of the best Nu Metal songs out there.  One thing I’ve done that’s a little different than your average Top 10 list was limited each artist to one song amongst our Top 10.  The reason I did that is to introduce you to new bands with some great music that you might not have heard of otherwise.

Also unlike our normal Top 10 lists, this is more of a collective display of the best Nu Metal out there than a competition to showcase which song is best.  So these songs are displayed in no particular order, feel free to tell us how you rank these songs in the comments below!  Enjoy!

1. Five Finger Death Punch – Under and Over it

2. Bullet For My Valentine – Your Betrayal

3. System of a Down – Hypnotize

4. Thrice – Artist In The Ambulance

5. MudVayne – Happy?

6. Avenged Sevenfold – Second Heartbeat (live in the LBC)

7. Disturbed – Indestructable

8. Killswitch Engage – Starting Over

9. Serj Tankian – Figure it Out

10. Atreyu – When Two Are One

Bonus Video!!! This one was so awesome I had to share it with you!

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  • William Megenney

    This is a great list to listen to when your co workers are around you saying dumb things and you want to tune them out…as I am doing right now