Yahoo Redeems Themselves!

To say that I was disappointed in Yahoo’s Fantasy Football app would be like saying that Hitler wasn’t a very nice guy. The thing was terrible as you can see from my previous story about it. Yahoo was listening though because they just released update 3.1 for their Fantasy Football app and I must say, well done Yahoo!

This is all we were asking for people. Yahoo heard ours and countless others’ calls and they redeemed themselves big time. Now you can add players, and basically do anything that you need to do from your phone. The app captures the simplicity that makes Yahoo great. The thing that I love about Yahoo is the thing that I dislike about ESPN, simplicity and intuitiveness. ESPN doesn’t have either. Look at ESPN’s Fantasy Football app for about 8 seconds and your eyes will start to glaze over. It’s a mess.

Now, thanks to Yahoo I can go back to making 64 moves a day all from the comfort of my phone. ESPN, you’re on the clock.

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  • D-Brown

    Haha! Nice work Yahoo! Soooo much better.