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I was reading this article about a movie that is being released soon, World War Z, and noticed that people are already upset that it is not going to be anything near what the book was, which is what people actually liked, which is why the movie ever got a chance in the first place.


My thought is this:  If people like a Book and they turn it into a movie, why change the script?  Why fix something when it ain’t broke?  You see this time and time again.  A great book that you love gets turned into a movie, and the movie comes out and it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

It also got me thinking, what are the best zombie movies of all time?  if you are into these types of films, you have a lot of garbage to choose from, but from time to time a true diamond in the rough emerges and you have yourself a great fucking movie.  What is in my top 5 list?

In no specific order:


Shaun of the Dead

Night of the Living Dead (1990 remake)

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of the Dead (original version from 1978 and different from the 2004 remake!)


Each of these films has something that all of that other crap out there can never seem to get into their movie.


For instance,

Night of the Living Dead.  From the second it start, BAM!!!  Her brother is getting eaten in the cemetery and the action continues through the entire movie.  No stupid love story.  No random plot lines.  Good effects, great kills, and a great ending.

Dawn of the Dead (original version)  How can this not be considered practically the best Zombie movie that George Romero ever made?  It has everything.  Random people trapped in a small area fighting for their lives, and trying to survive.  It’s not a mission to get somewhere.  They are there and surviving.  Eventually shit happens and they have to get out, but who has seen that movie and not thought about going to their local shopping mall and hoping for a gun shop and a zombie infestation to take some aggression out?

Sean of the Dead and ZombieLand fall into the same category, but both amazing.  Mix in some comedy with mindless killing and crack a few jokes about it.  I know that if I were in the middle of an outbreak, I would hope that in would include bags of firearms and Zombie Kills of the Week, all to end the night at the local pub with a pint and your friends, waiting for the military to arrive to rescue your stranded ass.

And finally we have Dawn of the Dead, the remake.  Probably one of the best remakes ever made, but in reality it is a different movie.  It should have been advertised as just a different shopping mall at the same time as the original dawn of the dead (except the zombies here can run, so sucks to be them!)  Great action, amazing killings, humor mixed in with human drama, and an ending that works just great.



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  • http://slangstrong.com dbrown

    Well said, Singer. I gotta throw some love at Zombieland. Just nailed it and brought Zombie movies to a whole new “modern” level.

  • http://www.slangstrong.com Singer

    They have been in talks for a sequel for some time now which should be good, but from what I have heard Woody Harrelson does not like to make sequels. Said he never did and doesn’t want to start too now. He better figure his shit out.

    Another interesting fact, the script was originally written to become a television series, but the producers read it and feared it wouldn’t find a home, so they put it together as a feature film. Walking Dead is sick as a series, and an additional Zombieland series would only add to my weekly entertainment…

  • J.R.

    Zombieland was pretty good, I don’t think I liked it quite as much as you guys did, but I enjoyed it.

    The part when Bill Murray put on his zombie makeup and ended up getting his head blown off was absolutely classic!